On December 12th HSS will be changing its name


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Australia welcomes a new name in world-class multidisciplinary private healthcare

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HSS will be changing its name

The Board and Management Team of Hospital for Specialist Surgery is proud to announce that on 12th December 2018 our hospital will change its name to Lakeview Private Hospital.

Since opening in 2015, HSS has gained a reputation as a world-class multidisciplinary private hospital providing care and facilities that go way beyond surgical care and include rehabilitation suites, specialist consulting suites, radiology and pathology services. In addition, we provide regular CPD Educational Events for GPs.

With this in mind, the new name of Lakeview Private Hospital  reflects the extent of the services and facilities we provide, and also our delightful setting on the shores of Norwest Lake.

Our official changeover date is 12th December 2018. In the meantime, the hospital will continue to be Hospital for Specialist Surgery and our specialist doctors and highly skilled team will continue to deliver excellence in patient care through our proud philosophy of Patients First.

We thank you for your cooperation and patience as we go through this transition and look forward to welcoming you to Lakeview Private Hospital.

Best regards,
HSS Board and Management Team

Lakeview Private Hospital


Rosemary McDonald, General Manager
P: 02 8624 5000
E: rosemarymcdonald@hssaustralia.com.au


James Croll, Marketing Manager
P: 0488 090 904
E: jamescroll@hssaustralia.com.au

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